Selected Publication

Two-dimensional ferroelasticity in van der Waals β’-In2Se3
C. Xu, J. Mao, X. Guo, S. Yan, Y. Chen, T.W. Lo, C. Chen, D. Lei, X. Luo, J. Hao, C. Zheng, Y. Zhu*
Nature Commun. 12, 3665 (2021).

The critical role of composition-dependent intragrain planar defects in the performance of MA1–xFAxPbI3 perovskite solar cells
W. Li, M.U. Rothmann, Y. Zhu (equal contribution 1st author), W. Chen, C. Yang, Y. Yuan, Y.Y. Choo, X. Wen, Y.-B. Cheng*, U. Bach*, J. Etheridge*
Nature Energy (2021).

Two-dimensional antiferroelectricity in nanostripe-ordered In2Se3
C. Xu, Y. Chen, X. Cai, A. Meingast, X. Guo, F. Wang, Z. Lin, T.-W. Lo, C. Maunders, S. Lazar, N. Wang, D. Lei, Y. Chai, T. Zhai, X. Luo, Y. Zhu*
Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 047601 (2020).

Carbon/Polymer Bilayer-Coated Si-SiOx Electrodes with Enhanced Electrical Conductivity and Structural Stability
J. Guo, G. Zhao, T. Xie, D. Dong, C. Ma, L. Su, L. Gong, X. Lou, X. Guo, J. Wang*, Y. Zhu*
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 12, 19023–19032 (2020).

Nanostructures of solid electrolyte interphases and their consequences for microsized Sn anodes in sodium ion batteries
J. Huang, X. Guo, X. Du, X. Lin, J.-Q. Huang, H. Tan, Y. Zhu*, B. Zhang*
Energy Environ. Sci. 12, 1550 (2019).
Revealing Atomic Structure and Oxidation States of Dopants in Charge-Ordered Nanoparticles for Migration-Promoted Oxygen Exchange Capacity
X. Cai, K. Chen, X. Gao, C. Xu, M. Sun, G. Liu, X. Guo, Y. Cai, B. Huang, J. Deng, J.Z. Liu, A. Tricoli, N. Wang, C. Dwyer, Y. Zhu*
Chem. Mater. 31, 5769-5777 (2019).
Interface Engineering of MoS2 for Electrocatalytic Performance Optimization for Hydrogen Generation via Urea Electrolysis
Z. Wu, X. Guo, Z. Zhang, M. Song, T. Jiao, Y. Zhu*, J. Wang*, X. Liu*
ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 7, 16577-16584 (2019).
Accurate determination of low-symmetry Bravais unit cells by EBSD
M. Han*, G. Zhao, Y. Zhu*
Ultramicroscopy 195, 136-146 (2018).
Boosting oxygen reduction catalysis with N-doped carbon coated Co9S8 microtubes
Z. Wu, J. Wang, M. Song, G. Zhao, Y. Zhu*, G. Fu*, X. Liu*
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 10, 25415 (2018).
Blind lattice-parameter determination of cubic and tetragonal phases with high accuracy using a single EBSD pattern
M. Han*, C. Chen, G. Zhao, L. Li, G. Nolze, B. Yu, X. Huang, Y. Zhu*
Acta Cryst. A74, 630-639 (2018).
Structural and chemical changes to CH3NH3PbI3 induced by electron and gallium ion beams
M.U. Rothmann, W. Li, Y. Zhu (equal contribution 1st author), A. Liu, Z. Ku, U. Bach, J. Etheridge*, Y.-B. Cheng*
Adv. Mater. 30, 1800629 (2018).

2D WC/WO3 heterogeneous hybrid for photocatalytic decomposition of organic compounds with vis-NIR light
S.L. Wang, Y. Zhu (equal contribution), X. Luo, Y. Huang, J. Chai, T.I. Wong, G.Q. Xu*
Adv. Funct. Mater. 28, 1705357 (2018).

Topologically enclosed aluminum voids as plasmonic nanostructures
Y. Zhu*, P.N.H. Nakashima, A.M. Funston, L. Bourgeois, J. Etheridge*
ACS Nano 11, 11383-11392 (2017).

Direct observation of intrinsic twin domains in tetragonal CH3NH3PbI3
M.U. Rothmann, W. Li, Y. Zhu(equal contribution), U. Bach, L. Spiccia, J. Etheridge*, Y.-B. Cheng*
Nature Comm. 8, 14547 (2017).

NaxMV(PO4)3 (M=Mn, Fe, Ni) structure and properties for sodium extraction
W. Zhou, L. Xue, X. Lu, H. Gao, Y. Li*, S. Xin, G. Fu, Z. Cui, Y. Zhu*, J. B. Goodenough*
Nano Lett. 16, 7836 (2016).

Direct mapping of Li-enabled octahedral tilt ordering and associated strain in nanostructured perovskites
Y. Zhu*, R.L. Withers, L. Bourgeois, C. Dwyer, J. Etheridge*
Nature Materials, 14, 1142-1149 (2015).

Atomically precise interfaces from non-stoichiometric deposition
Y. Nie, Y. Zhu (equal contribution), C.-H. Lee, L.F. Zhu Ye, J.A. Mundy, J. Junquera, Ph. Ghosez, D.J. Baek, S. Sung, X.X. Xi, K.M. Shen, D.A. Muller, D.G. Schlom*
Nature Comm. 5, 4530 (2014).